Who is Barb?

Barbara Eisele - Life Transformations CoachMy work as a personal coach is one of the authentic passions of my life. My purpose is to help women get in touch with the yearning of their inner being and to end the “gerbil wheel” of frustration, dissatisfaction, loneliness, uncertainty and fear. I help women discover what’s really important to them, recognize the authentic desires they have for their life, experience the fire that burns in their soul and walk as their partner to gain feeling of confidence, freedom of choice and empowered to take action in their life.

How did I come to this work that is my soul’s passion. Well, coaching is my fourth professional career. Following the yearning I had to help women be empowered to move beyond their limiting beliefs and step into their full power and potential I left behind the counseling profession. After finishing my Master of Counseling degree in 1996 I discovered Transformational work and knew I had found what I was seeking. I spent more than 3 years coaching people working to build businesses and to be more effective in organizations. In 2001 I started my own coaching business.

The most important education I have received came from making several major professional and person transitions. I have experienced many of the struggles on a personal level that my clients encounter. I know the frustration and sadness of having conflict in important personal relationships. I’ve felt stuck in a job and didn’t know how to make it more rewarding or move on. I have built two businesses and found myself working harder and longer thinking this was the answer to success. I experience what happens when I believe my own thoughts… the ones that stop me from stepping out, stretching and reaching new levels as well as the powerful beliefs I have about myself that have me saying YES!

I am passionate about learning! Whether it is in a formal course of study, reading on my own, collaborating with colleagues or observing human beings I am open to new knowledge and perspectives.

My formal education and certifications include:

  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • University of Phoenix, Master of Counseling
  • Newfield Network Certified Coach, NCC A premier coach training organization. I also serve as a mentor coach to student studying in this program.
  • International Coach Federation, PCC Certified by the ICF, the largest coach certifying body in the world, as a Professional Certified Coach.
Barb Eisele - Life Transformations Coach

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