Hot Mama in (High) Heels




I always say, keep dreaming your dreams and they will show up, maybe not like you thought they would but they will show up. This book is the fulfillment of a dream of mine.  It seemed like a fantasy but guess what,  I am an International Best Selling Author!  It happened so fast I’m still in awe.  My business friend, Christine Marmoy, invited me to be in this anthology in July, here it is a reality in October. All I can say is you can’t make this stuff up!

My chapter lays wide open my inner journey through a very dark time in my life, foreclosure of our dream home only a year ago.  Most importantly I share the subsequent journey of finding my Authentic Self, my Divine self, and the process of creating my life and thriving on the other side of this life changing experience.


We all go through times we where we can use some encouragement – maybe something goes wrong, we feel low and discouraged or it’s a bigger trauma and it’s life changing like mine and we need to know we aren’t alone. Other times what we need is a nice, gentle (or swift) kick in the butt.  Hot Mama in (High) Heels is a testimony to the fact that life can be wonderful on the other side of the abyss, sometimes you just need some guidance on how to navigate through the rocks, currents, deep holes and fallen branches that can clutter the river of life.

Hot Mama in (High) Heels, was designed to become your favorite book kept on your bedside table, a written guide to fall back on in times where you need some help and encouragement. Twenty one, yes, 21 very extraordinary women share how they came though tough times and not only survived but burst through to a new level of thriving!

Hot Mama in (High) Heels is all about learning to let your Light shine, stand up for yourself, believe in yourself, and stake out YOUR special place in this world. It’s about BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF!

I’m so proud to be sharing my achievement with you.  Being an International Best Selling Author in this fabulous book is truly a dream come true.  Click on the link to order your book.

You can also check out the website for our book,  There you will find information about each of the authors and videos produced by each of us.

Survival to Thrival… that’ the message… Yes, you can do it!



Barb Eisele - Life Transformations Coach

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