Holding Back?@#%*

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with two professional cycling coaches for a part of 3 days. It was a GREAT opportunity and at times my knees were rattling like sabers, sometimes  I was very excited and other times it was just plain FEAR. The experience was to do some very intense riding uphill doing timed intervals.  Within seconds of starting out the coach told me I was holding back…. Holding back, I thought, what is he thinking! He continued to verbally encourage me , “you can do it”, “yes, you can”, “keep the pressure on the pedals”. Thirty feet from the end, when I thought I couldn’t do one more round of the pedals he said, “stand up, pedal hard”, I shocked myself when I stood up for just two rounds of the pedal and sat back down, but I did it!. I was gasping for breath and my legs were shaking and weak as I finished the interval and feeling victorious over my own belief that I couldn’t do it.

This was a profound experience, an opportunity to get the distinction ‘holding back’ in my body. Because I know that how we do one thing is how we do everything, it caused me to reflect on where in my business and in my life in general do I hold back? What beliefs am I holding onto that may seem so real they are never challenged. These past weeks have had me see many places.

This blog is a good example. I have been promising myself to start blogging but have always held back; the ‘yammering’ voices prevailed and I found much more important things to do than sit down and write. I have continued my interval practice sans coach.  In fact, just before sitting down to write today I did the same intervals and promised myself that the procrastination would end with my arrival home.  Once again, I am victorious over the ‘yammering voices’ that would tell me I have nothing important to say.

Here’s my challenge to you, dear friends.  Where are you letting the ‘yammering voices’ of self doubt keep you from moving forward… be honest, we all have them.

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