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When I was in a huge transition in my life Barb Eisele helped me turn it all around. I can literally say “she changed my life.” I am the same person I always was but completely different in many ways. The personal growth I achieved is more than I ever expected. I thought Barb was going to coach me on how to run my business. Not so! She gave me tools that had me look at situations and life in a very different way. She reprogrammed me. She helped me to get out of my box, realize that my reality is not the only reality out there and to be more aware of other people’s intentions and that they have a different reality than I do.

No right or wrong, just different. I learned how to push through things that in the past were uncomfortable to me and to have faith and confidence in myself. She exposed me to so many ideas and programs that were life changing. She has warmth, sincerity, compassion and knowledge. If you are struggling in your life Barb will provide the tools necessary to get you through it.

Brenda Griffin, Aesthetician & Reflexology

What you have to offer is truly a gift, Barb. Thank you for your gentle guidance, helping me connect with my soul and root out the parts of myself that limit me and pull me down, and for helping me find my own enlightened wisdom. I am so thankful that I found my way to you and our group at this stage of transition in my life.

‘E’ Shea Andersen –
Independent Silpada Designs Representative
Tucson, Arizona.

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