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When I originally started working with Barb, almost every aspect of my life was in an upheaval. I half-heartedly pursued my freelance marketing business but was often overwhelmed with my home/family responsibilities. I lacked direction, motivation, energy and had hit a “black hole” in my creative writing, design and photography. I had difficulty making wise business decisions, particularly when involved in developing partnerships. I found it almost impossible to set healthy boundaries for myself. I was lost, confused and in turmoil.

Now, when I review where I was before working with Barb, the transition to a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life and lifestyle has been phenomenal. Through her expert coaching, I have been able to discover, pinpoint and clarify problematical elements in both my personal and professional life more quickly and with greater accuracy With my growth in self-knowledge, acceptance and a newly acquired ability to see my world and its challenges differently, I am once again able to put my dreams into action in a relaxed, joyful way. Because my perspective has changed, all of my relationships hold greater integrity, clarity and satisfaction. By doing so, I have gained a renewed strength of purpose, independence and what I consider “soul” freedom to be the best I can be.

Marcy McNally

My coaching with Barb has provided me with connection and trust in myself and in what’s possible for me. I saw that I could generate choices for myself that would have my work fit me better. As a result I took a sabbatical when re-organization had my job eliminated. During that time I reflected on where I could best contribute to the organization and what kind of an environment did I need to perform to my highest potential. At the end of my sabbatical I was offered more than one position and was able to clearly choose the one that fit me the best. As a result of the revelations I had working with Barb I am now in a position that challenges me and allows me to contribute to the organization and myself in a very positive way. Thanks, Barb, for your straight forward, wise questions and making sure that I always put what I cared about first.

Anna Marie
Alberta, CA

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