Bold is Beautiful



Every single beautiful woman in this book shares their soul with you. In my chapter I tell how stepping out of well worn habits and being BOLD opened up possibilities that would never have been created otherwise.  It was my inner boldness, that allowed me to see opportunities I never would have seen if I hadn’t said Yes!, to standing at the edge of the cliff and being willing to jump.

All of the authors speak of how being small was not a choice if they were to receive what they wanted for themselves and their families.  They share how it was not an option to complain, crawl into a corner, and become a victim, but how they chose to turn their lives around and become bold and successful. This book is about standing up, and believing in one’s self so in turn all of the readers can also find hope and believe in themselves. This is about being yourself, and no past can determine who you are today!

Reading this book, you will laugh, cry, and even sit on the edge of your seat wondering what will be next.  But most of all, you will tune into and re-ignite a certain feeling, an inner knowing that you thought had disappeared. This will support you to see that forgiveness, gratitude, and loving, will provide you with hope and to know that you are not alone.

All of the authors are so honest, baring their hearts to the world, giving a large piece of themselves to all of you.

This book is a tribute, a thought and support to all women around the world to be Bold and shine your beautiful light, your Authentic Brilliance.


Barb Eisele - Life Transformations Coach

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