What I learned on my way to 111 Miles – Part 2

Wow, A 65 Mile Box; Darn!

It’s the first week of 2012, and before you know it we’ll be saying where did 2012 go? In that vein, have you set goals personal and professional goals for yourself for this year? Great if you have. If you haven’t maybe you’re saying, “I’d sure like to ____________, but it feels so big I don’t know how to do it, how will it ever happen”. Maybe you are saying, “this is the year to…” “I’m going to do it”, but in the background is “the voice” is saying, “ been here before and it didn’t happen, why bother”. All of this points to my topic for today. Whatever you have currently created is the “size of your box”.

When I was training for the 111 mile El Tour de Tucson last year I discovered that my cycling “box” was about 65 miles big. Wow, you say, that’s pretty big. Yes, it is, but it’s insufficient for a 111 mile ride. My desire to take on something so far out of my experience sent my body and mind into a tailspin. I had all the physical and emotional symptoms my body could throw at me. I was very anxious, my body was tired and I didn’t want to ride. Every time I thought of any distance beyond what I had ridden in the past the symptoms got louder. After deciding that I couldn’t force myself to overcome the anxiety and pain, I finally reached out for help. I had resisted help, saying I “should” be able to overcome this myself, after all I am a coach, I help people with similar issues. This was resistance talking and it was a powerful learning moment. By getting help, I was able to go beyond my previous limit.

Dr Joe Dispenza, drjoedispenza.com gives the scientific evidence for what I have been saying for a long time. We can move only so far out of our ‘comfort zone’ before all kinds of resistance in the form of excuses, circumstances, or distractions, will show up. It’s the mind’s way of trying to keep you safe, one of its major functions. The good news is that the same mind that limits you can be changed to move you into a state that allows you to go beyond your current limits. Our brain, body and mind are wondrous, magnificent organisms, we just have to get them working for us.

In what way do you want to expand your box in 2012? If it’s a big stretch, don’t give in to the chatter in your mind that would limit you. Reach out and get help if you are stopped. I have two offers to support you reaching your goals in 2012 so a year from now you will have your arms raised in the air saying, “Yes, I did it”. First, you can go to my website and download my free e-workbook. It has step by step exercises for you. Second, Contact me for a free 30 minute lazer coaching session. Make 2012 your best year ever!

What I Learned on the Way to 111 Miles

Part 1: Busted!

Ride 111 miles on a Saturday, raise money for a worthwhile cause, and break open the box of what you know about yourself. That’s what I did on November 19, 2011.

I took up cycling on a road bike in 2009 with a passion and trepidation. I do not have any experience as an athlete. In high school synchronized swimming and cheerleading was as close as I got to athletics. Running in my 30’s and 40’s was for fitness, mental as much as physical. Working out in my 50’s was limited to the gym, hiking and occasional mountain bike rides. So why all of a sudden in the next decade of my life would I train for my first century cycling event?

Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t—you’re right”!

You’ve heard the saying, “it’s 75% mental”. The ‘It’ is anything you really want, are craving and are committed to doing or having …. anything! What are you craving to have in your life? Stop, think, what is it that you want? Is it a relationship, growth in your business, a new job, satisfaction and a sense of meaning in your life? Is there something “inside you that wants to be born” but you don’t know what it is?

The first step to change and transforming our lives is always awareness. What you are thinking about ‘It’ currently is what is limiting you from having “It”. Your beliefs and thoughts, often live in a blind spot for you. One way to start revealing those things to yourself is to stop, pay attention to what is going on in your mind and write it down. You might have some spontaneous ah-haaaas. You might feel confused. You might not really see anything you think is important, but write down whatever is there. Trust me there is ‘gold’ in this exercise.

To take myself into territory I’d never been before took this kind of exercise. In October, I was 50 miles into a 65 mile training ride. I was hot and tired and my automatic story that I couldn’t go on came over me like a dragon. “I have to stop, enough for today,” I said. This was my habit. I was riding with a group including a team coach. He recognized the story and challenged it. After a 10 minute rest, some food, water and a “pep talk” from my coach, I got back on my bike despite uncertainty of how I was going to finish the ride. At times I felt irritable and cranky, also known as “gritchy” at our house. Other moments I felt elated and hopeful as I pedaled on. An hour later as I rode into the parking lot, I raised my arm in the air and yelled “yahoo, I did it”! Very hot and sweaty, the temperature almost 100 degrees, the story had been exposed and Busted!

I’ll be back with a series of blogs about what I learned during my training and my 111 mile bike ride. In the meantime, You can go to my website, www.lifetransformationsnow.com and download a F*REE e-workbook that will support you in this process. Until next week, Crave, Commit and Create.

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