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Are you divorced, or experiencing deteriorating relationships, changing conditions in your work, feeling a restlessness in your soul, in mid-life and asking “is this all there is”? These are some of the situations that cause us to be:

  • Dissatisfied, restless, downright frustrated, does this sound like you in one or more of your relationships, your career, your business, or your life in general?
  • Stuck in a job, relationship,or difficult circumstances and don’t see a way out?
  • Discouraged, disillusioned, lonely, unsure what to do “when you grow up”?
  • Yearning for something you desire, carrying a fire in your belly that you don’t answer or can’t name?

Well, I can relate. Many of the statements above were mine. Many years ago, some of the important relationships in my life were falling apart. It started me on a search to find out “why”. In the process, I discovered that it was the same reason I was frustrated in my job and feeling that life in general was difficult.

But you ask, “How does it happen, why do some people seem to be able to achieve it but I can’t”. This was my exact question at the time of my greatest frustration. It turned out it isn’t rocket science, but for most of us, it’s also not something we learned growing up or even as adults. However, it’s been around forever, it’s actually wisdom that has come down through many ages and cultures. It’s also available to us all the time, once we know where to look and how to access it. As a result of my learning and personal experience I have put together a process so you can have the tools for fulfilling your desires, in any area of your life.

Optimism, hope and following a path to get what you have always wanted in your life, be it material, emotional or spiritual isn’t a pipe dream. You deserve to have what you most desire. Feeling of freedom and joy are your birth right. It’s also the way to stay healthy and vital, find you perfect mate or work that you love.

Responsibility is Freedom. Only when you recognize that you are the one who can make changes, see things differently, and generate new experiences and new realities can lasting change happen and be sustained. This moves you from being in the passenger seat to being in the driver’s seat of your life.

Would you like to be free of worry, frustration and the question, “why is this happening to me”? If your answer is yes!, give me a call at 520-977-0562, or email me at barb@lifetransformationsnow.com. Start on your road to freedom, now!

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